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How a Living Trust Facilitates Ease of Asset Distribution

11/06/2023 | Blog

In a typical week, I receive calls from individuals facing two common situations involving the estates of their deceased relatives. The first scenario involves someone without a will or trust, necessitating a lengthy and costly probate process. This can extend from several months to potentially years, incurring various fees and property sales. On the other hand, those with a trust in place opt for trust administration, a faster and more cost-effective approach. Trust administration typically concludes within a month, distributing assets promptly to beneficiaries, in contrast to the year-long probate process. And trust administration expenses are notably lower. Additionally, a significant advantage of trusts lies in their confidentiality. Unlike probate, which exposes financial details to public scrutiny, trusts maintain privacy over inheritances. This makes trust creation a prudent preventive measure. Feel free to reach out to us for a comprehensive discussion on trusts, probate, or any related matters. We’re here to assist you.