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Pre Estate Planning Checklist To Make Life Easier

Issues to avoid when creating a comprehensive estate plan

Nobody is perfect. Humans make mistakes; they’re a part of learning. One area, however, you might want to be pretty meticulous about is in the creation of your estate plan. By leaving a plan that is comprehensive and that distinctly ... Read More
Understanding Medi Cal Estate Recovery

Your needs may not qualify for Medicare coverage

If you were unable to attend the recent seminar on protecting your assets when you need nursing home care, you may have missed out on vital information that could bring you some peace of mind as you get older. Many ... Read More
Signs That You Need To Change Your Will

Protecting your digital assets and your information

California readers know that most people have a significant digital footprint. From Facebook accounts to online checking accounts, you likely have a portion of your life online. For many people, it is necessary to protect these accounts and private information ... Read More
Why You Need To Update Your Estate Plan

Understanding what a trustee does before choosing one

Many people put off estate planning because they don’t want to think about their own deaths. Others put it off because they think it’s only necessary for rich or old people. Then others put it off because they are overwhelmed ... Read More
Aging In Place Your Plan To Stay Home In Californi

Aging in Place: Your Plan to Stay Home in California

As you get ready to retire and enjoy your golden years, spending time in an assisted living facility or nursing home is probably not one of your goals. However, unexpected health problems can sometimes arise which make staying home more ... Read More
Why New Parents Need To Make Estate Planning A Priority

Why new parents need to make estate planning a priority

Becoming a parent can change everything about your life in the most surprising and wonderful ways. It also means having a new set of responsibilities to provide for your child’s care today and in the foreseeable future.  When your kids ... Read More
Why You Need To Update Your Estate Plan

Why You Need to Update Your Estate Plan

Finding the time to draft your will and put together the other vital pieces of your estate plan can be a lengthy and complicated process. Once all of the essential documents have been signed and taken care of, most people ... Read More
What Is A California Trust Administration

Can I Disinherit My Close Relative?

Families can be complicated, and it’s not unusual for there to be rifts in some relationships between close relatives. As time passes, you may see less of a relation, or you may even decide to cut ties with them altogether. ... Read More
The Importance Of Self Care During Retirement

The Importance of Self-Care During Retirement

When you are getting ready for retirement, it can be exciting to think about spending your days traveling, enjoying time with family, and doing the things you love. One of the best ways to help ensure that you will be ... Read More
Does A Living Trust Protect Assets From Nursing Homes

Remembering to fund your trust

Setting up a trust allows your property and assets to avoid probate and for your intended beneficiaries, such as children or other relatives you may designate, to receive the inheritance you intend. However, your California estate plans might not turn ... Read More