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What are your duties as an estate executor?

Last week we discussed the fact that when you assume the responsibilities of becoming the executor of someone’s California estate, one of your duties will be to pay the taxes owed by both the deceased person and the estate itself. ... Read More

How can you identify undue influence?

The term “undue influence” refers to influence strong enough to abolish the free will of a person. Sadly, the undue influence over older and disabled persons is a growing problem in California and throughout the greater U.S., one that results ... Read More
Why You Need An Attorney When You Become An Executor

Why You Need an Attorney When You Become an Executor

When you are named the executor, or personal representative in California, of someone else’s estate, you may not even be aware that you have been nominated for this fundamental probate role. It could be that someone such as your parent ... Read More
My Mother Has Alzheimer’s Can I Get Conservatorship

My Mother Has Alzheimer’s, Can I Get Conservatorship?

Learning that your parent has Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia can be overwhelming. Often, by the time the condition is suspected, the individual’s symptoms may be interfering with their ability to attend to their care and responsibilities. If your ... Read More
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Should your spouse act as executor of your estate?

Creating an estate plan can make your passing easier on your surviving family members. By getting your affairs in order well before your demise, you can ensure that family members know your wishes for healthcare, funeral arrangements, property distribution and ... Read More
Pre Estate Planning Checklist To Make Life Easier

Issues to avoid when creating a comprehensive estate plan

Nobody is perfect. Humans make mistakes; they’re a part of learning. One area, however, you might want to be pretty meticulous about is in the creation of your estate plan. By leaving a plan that is comprehensive and that distinctly ... Read More
Choosing A Personal Representative

Choosing a Personal Representative

Your California last will and testament is a critical legal instrument that allows you to say what assets you have and where you want them to go, provide instructions regarding your final wishes, and name potential guardians for your minor ... Read More
An elderly couple looking through their options on a law website

What should you take into account when choosing an executor?

Just like when you write any part of your will, you will likely think seriously about who to choose for your executor. Since this person is in control of many aspects of fulfilling your wishes after your death, finding the ... Read More

Reviewing Executor Compensation In California

The task of being the executor of an estate in Woodland Hills can be a daunting one. According to the American Bar Association, the duties of an executor include handling unpaid debts and expenses, overseeing the proper administration of trusts and gift ... Read More