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What should you take into account when choosing an executor?

An elderly couple looking through their options on a law website

Just like when you write any part of your will, you will likely think seriously about who to choose for your executor.

Since this person is in control of many aspects of fulfilling your wishes after your death, finding the best fit possible can help you feel at peace.

Think about available time

According to Kiplinger, you may think of several people who all meet the basic expectations for being your executor. However, they could have many other responsibilities in everyday life that prevent them from dedicating the needed time to this role.

Some of your children or any other choices may live far away. While this may not matter much if they are willing to take on the duty of executor, the time spent traveling or dealing with legal processes in another state is an important factor they should take into account.

Take into account personalities

When choosing between several similar options, it could help you to think seriously about which choice’s personality would work better as an executor. Someone who is good at remembering deadlines and does not mind talking professionally with a court could settle into the role quickly.

This kind of attentiveness can also help prevent any preventable errors from happening, especially since this person is in charge of your debts and assets.

Explore all options

While you may feel tempted to choose the oldest of your children just because of their age, do not get too focused on just one trait.

Allowing yourself to look at all of your choices can help you find the best person for the job of executor.