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What Does A California Living Will Actually Do

The details of your living will are important for your future care

If you have a will, you may think that is all you need to have a complete estate plan. In reality, many California residents benefit from additional estate planning tools that allow them to have more control over certain conditions, ... Read More
The Importance Of Self Care During Retirement

The Importance of Self-Care During Retirement

When you are getting ready for retirement, it can be exciting to think about spending your days traveling, enjoying time with family, and doing the things you love. One of the best ways to help ensure that you will be ... Read More
Ways To Stay Fit Throughout Your Senior Years

Ways to Stay Fit Throughout Your Senior Years

As you head towards retirement you may have plans to travel, spend time on the golf course, or to take up a long-lost hobby. One way to help ensure you can fully enjoy this time in your life, is by ... Read More
What To Expect During A Gray Divorce

What to Expect During a Gray Divorce

When a couple over age 50 ends their marriage, it’s sometimes referred to as gray divorce. The gray divorce rate has been on the rise over the last twenty years. When a couple decides to divorce at this stage of ... Read More
What We Can Learn About Estate Planning From John Singleton

What We Can Learn About Estate Planning from John Singleton

In 1991, 24-year-old director John Singleton made a name for himself with the debut of his movie Boyz n the Hood.  The film’s success launched his career and led to his nomination for an Academy Award for Best Director. The filmmaker ... Read More
How Do I Plan To Remain In My Home As A Senior

How do I Plan to Remain in My Home as a Senior?

When many people retire, they plan to live in their homes for the rest of their lives or, at least, for as long as possible.  Recently, the AARP Public Policy Institute reported findings that 87% of individuals age 65 and older preferred ... Read More
What Are The Options For My Parent With Dementia

What are the Options for My Parent with Dementia?

As your parents age, you are probably going to notice changes in their health. In some instances, these changes may include a decrease in cognitive functioning due to dementia. When a person has dementia, symptoms can range in severity and ... Read More
What Does A California Living Will Actually Do

What Does a California Living Will Actually Do?

When it comes to estate planning, you may hear several terms that sound similar but have different meanings. For instance, a “will” and a “living will” may sound like they are the same type of estate planning instrument. In truth, ... Read More
The Importance Of A Power Of Attorney

The Importance of a Power of Attorney

You can designate how your assets will be transferred to your heirs and loved ones after you pass through a final will and testament, but what happens if you unexpectedly are unable to manage your own financial affairs due to ... Read More