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What Are My Inheritance Rights?

You probably believe that you have the right to inherit from your spouse, domestic partner or parents when they die. While this is generally true, what you may not realize is that if a Californian dies without having made a ... Read More

What Constitutes Undue Influence?

If you fear that your elderly, ill or disabled parent in California is developing too much reliance on a caregiver, you may wish to take preventative measures to ensure that your parent does not change the will while under this ... Read More

How Can I Avoid Inheritance Disputes?

It’s not uncommon for contentious fights to break out among families when it comes to inheritance issues. However, parents leave assets to their kids to help them, not to cause strife that can be both expensive as well as emotionally ... Read More

What if I Want to Disinherit One of my Kids?

Under California law, your spouse and children are your natural and expected heirs. But what if you want to disinherit one of your children? Per, you should never make this decision lightly. Just because you and the child disagree about ... Read More

Who Are My Natural Heirs?

You may not realize it, but California has a set of laws, called intestacy laws or laws of succession, that determine who receives your estate, and in what proportion, in the event you die without first making a Last Will ... Read More

What You Should Know Before You Challenge a Will

At the Law Offices of Alice A. Salvo in California, we realize that sometimes a will challenge is the proper thing for you to do. We also realize, however, that to win a will challenge, you must not only be an “interested ... Read More

Faster Inheritance and Other Benefits of a Living Trust

You have always done the best you can for your loved ones in California, and we at the Law Offices of Alice A. Salvo know that you want the best for them even after you are gone. That means taking whatever steps ... Read More

Are You a Caregiver? Beware of Undue Influence

If you care for a California resident, you undoubtedly take your job seriously, whether your patient is a family member or someone you were hired to care for. Not surprisingly, many patients develop a close relationship with their caregiver and ... Read More
Can An Omitted Heir Still Claim An Inheritance In California

Can an Omitted Heir Still Claim an Inheritance in California?

When drafting a will, the testator will carefully select the people they want to inherit their assets. When a name is not included in a testamentary document, the exclusion is usually thought to be intentional. This can be especially true ... Read More
Omitted Heirs In California What You Need To Know

Omitted Heirs in California – What You Need to Know

When someone decides to leave a close relative out of his or her will, they may be justified in their decision.  However, even if you have an excellent reason to disinherit someone, that doesn’t mean that there won’t be issues ... Read More