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The Importance of Having a California Elder Law Attorney

The Importance Of Having A California Elder Law Attorney

Elder law refers to a legal specialization that focuses on the needs of aging individuals. This area is complex and requires that a practitioner be experienced and proficient in a wide range of legal topics. Here are some considerations about the importance of having a California elder law attorney:

Elder Law Attorneys Can Provide Counsel in Several Areas

Unlike some areas of the law that involve one or two statutory bodies, elder law requires knowledge of vast subjects such as estate planning, probate, asset protection, real estate laws, taxation, Medicare, and Medi-Cal (California Medicaid), long-term care, as well as public benefit programs. To fully advise their clients, elder law attorneys must have experience and up-to-date knowledge of these, as well as other areas of the law, emerging trends, and government program eligibility requirements.

An Elder Law Attorney Can Help Protect Clients from Medi-Cal Estate Recovery

To plan for the future, an elder law client needs to work with an attorney who can help them effectively shelter assets and avoid complications such as Medi-Cal estate recovery. When people require long-term care expenses such as those provided by in-home care attendants, nursing homes, and assisted living centers, many depend on Medi-Cal to pay for them. When the benefit recipient dies, the state will attempt to recover funds from his or her estate as repayment for these Medi-Cal services. Your elder law attorney can help protect your loved one’s assets from the recovery.

An Elder Law Attorney Can Help Clients Develop Comprehensive Estate Plans

Having a comprehensive estate plan is crucial, and elder law attorneys have the expertise to help their clients find the most advantageous ways to plan for the future. Your elder law attorney can help you create a will or trust and devise their terms. If you have not created an advance health care directive and power of attorney for finances, your counsel can also help you prepare these critical documents. By working with an elder law attorney, you can evaluate your situation, identify goals for the future, and make certain you have the right measures in place.

 An Elder Law Attorney Can Help Clients Connect with Community Services

Elders in the community have unique interests and needs. An elder law attorney is not only committed to providing the best and most inclusive legal services, but he or she also understands what matters to their clients. This type of attorney is often familiar with available community resources that may be supportive for their clients.

If you need the services of an elder law attorney, it is vital that you learn more about elder law services. Waiting or hesitating can reduce your options and be burdensome for you and your family. At the Law Office of Alice Salvo, we are experienced California elder law attorneys with the knowledge and experience you need to help you plan for the future.  Schedule a consultation today, so we can help you explore your options and make informed decisions.