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When to Update Your Estate Plan: Life Events That Matter

09/25/2023 | Blog

In case of a passing, especially your spouse’s, contact us for a complimentary consultation on your options. Getting married is also a life milestone to address, as California law impacts your estate plan. After marriage, it’s not guaranteed your assets will pass to children from a prior relationship. California grants your spouse a share, possibly a third or half. Adjustments to your plan upon marriage are wise. Similarly, if a disability arises, act before it progresses. Once, someone asked for document assistance for their Alzheimer’s-affected mother. Learning onset began a decade ago, I questioned why legal help wasn’t sought earlier. A window existed a decade back to modify her estate plan as symptoms emerged, but changes couldn’t be made then. I recommended considering a conservatorship. Changes to estate plans are sought for trustee/beneficiary conflicts or when youthful children become plan executors. If life changes affect your existing estate plan, reach out to the offices of Alice Salvo for a free consultation.