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7 Tips For California Special Needs Estate Planning

7 Tips for California Special Needs Estate Planning

Preparing for the future is particularly important when you care for a loved one with special needs. Their future care after you pass away or are no longer able to personally meet their needs requires careful forethought and advance planning. ... Read More
Creating A Secure Future For Your Disabled Child

Creating a Secure Future for Your Disabled Child

When a child has a significant disability, it can have a profound effect on everyone in the family. Parents, who are devoted to doing all that they can to meet their child’s complex needs while they are growing up, usually ... Read More
Making Sure Everything Is In Place When Your Child Has Cerebral Palsy

Making Sure Everything is in Place When Your Child has Cerebral Palsy

When a child is diagnosed with cerebral palsy parents are usually concerned about what their condition will be in the future.  Having this diagnosis means he or she will probably have some type of special needs.  However, every child is ... Read More

Navigating the IEP Pocess In California

When your child’s doctor says that he or she has special educational needs, you can ensure the school meets these needs with an Individualized Education Program. This legal document describes your child’s current academic performance, goals and objectives for education, ... Read More
Planning For Your Loved One With A Mental Illness

Planning for Your Loved One With a Mental Illness

Family members of loved ones with a serious psychiatric diagnosis can become very involved in advocating for their care and monitoring their condition. By the time the person becomes an adult, loved ones are often quite familiar with their symptoms ... Read More
How Do I Estate Plan For My Disabled Child

How Do I Estate plan for My Disabled Child?

When your child has special needs, there are several things you need to do to plan for their future. One of the most important ways to prepare for your child with a disability is through estate planning. Therefore, if your ... Read More

What Happens After My Child Graduates With an IEP?

If you have a child with an individualized education program (IEP), you are already an experienced advocate for making sure your child receives a good education. As your child gets older, you may be wondering about their educational opportunities after ... Read More
How Do I Estate Plan For My Disabled Child

The Benefits of California’s IHSS Program

For you, taking care of your disabled child is a full-time job. Receiving help from friends and family members can only go so far, and relying on them all hours, day and night, makes you feel guilty or that you ... Read More
Does My Disabled Child Need A Special Needs Trust

Does My Disabled Child Need a Special Needs Trust?

When a child has a significant disability, parents often spend a great deal of their time attending to their needs and ensuring that they have the best available care and treatment. These efforts often include taking their child to and ... Read More
4 Considerations When Estate Planning With A Special Needs Child

4 Considerations When Estate Planning with A Special Needs Child

Having a special needs child family member requires you to see the world in ways that most others do not. Each family’s requirements are unique. Persons with special needs frequently require care for the rest of their lives. Who will ... Read More